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a little guitar thing I played on my keyboard

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Hey, excellent!
I can add some things to that if you could send it to me.
And how could you play it on a keyboard, like a guitar?

Glad you like it. Of course, I use a guitar sound to play it, in this case a twelve string steel one. Then, there is a button which toggles the sustain pedal, and I set that to sustain. And then, it’s just about the way of playing which I don’t know how to describe well.

Yes, there are twelve-string guitars. Basically like six strings, also six courses, but all strings are doubled up to make a fuller sound. The low e, a, d and g have a higher octave, and the b and the high e are unison.

This is actually similar to how the bağlama, a Turkish instrument, has 7 strings in groups of 2, 2 and 3 from top to bottom. This top to bottom is physically, not in the musical sense.

Yes, exactly. I love the baglama! Always have. Irish Bouzoukis are the same.

Yes, but Ireland has its own version of it. I heard in a video once that some guy brought a greek bouzouki from his vacation in greece and then he made some adaptations to it.

Hmm, just trying to decide what out of those videos on YouTube out there get the best out of the instrument. Perhaps the most striking difference is that the Irish Bouzouki is tuned GDAD, sometimes GDAE. If I’m not mistaken, Greek ones are tuned CFAD. There’s one Video comparing the two varieties of Bouzoukis, but with no Narration, so if you don’t know, it’s not as easy to tell which one’s which. Irish Bouzoukis are also flat, not round like the Greek ones.

To be honest, I was just planning to get a taste of the instrument and its playing style rather than focus on the details and make a comparison.
Thanks for the explanation though.

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