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Fahrt über’s meer (ride over the sea)

This is a piece I play on my real harp. Came up with this some time ago and decided to just call it that, because I couldn’t help myself imagining the sound of waves over it, like you find on those relaxation CDs. The left hand’s always doing the same thing and the right hand’s kind of improvising over it.

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By the way, I don’t play harp professionally, it’s all self taught, but probably not the right techniques and all.

Since you already know the notes and can play the harp fairly well, a few Youtube videos or other sources should be more than enough for you to learn more techniques or at least make sure you do play it right.

Well, I also mean things like hand position,, etc. I don’t want to get rid of the things I can already do to get a good sound out of it.

Like starting from zero again. All that counts for me is that I can make it sound nice.

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