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Was inspired by Pajper to do this one. I love how they done that one. You have to listen to it with the right soundfont though, and this is the right one to use.

I do not own the copyrights of this. I don’t know who is the actual creator.

Great job! It must’ve taken quite a lot of time to prepare it as a midi track. And I imagine hearing this one from real pianists.
So which sound font did you use, if I may ask?

Well, this one actually wasn’t created by me, so I guess I shouldn’t have had posted this here. But I just had to share it, because I love it with that soundfont. The soundfont is called MagicSFver2 and I got it from It may be available through other sources as well. If not, I#ll see if I can upload it to dropbox.

This wouldn’t work on a real piano, because there are notes in there which are higher than the highest note on a piano, at least on a conventional one. There’s the stuard and sons piano with 108 keys, but some black midis even go up to 128 keys. is a well-known site, albeit a complicated one, so I can easily search for the sound font there. Thanks!

Wow, this collection is huge!
So any recommendations on what particular sound fonts to extract and use? You know, I won’t be able to extract the entire archive.

I like to use "timbres of heaven", it’s the one that Elten downloads for playing midi. Other thaan that, there’s also sgm v2 which I like.

tambers of hevan is not that great it has this thing through preset like 27 or so its just this lq string thing and i played it through vertual miidi synth

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